Welcome to the website of C-Roads Germany

C-ROADS Germany is one of 12 national pilots which trial cooperative services in a real traffic environment. The pilots contribute their implementation framework and experiences to the super-ordinated C-Roads Platform, with the goal of implementing, providing and harmonising cooperative intelligent transport systems and services (C-ITS) on European roads. Seven so called Day One Services, which shall be supported by the basic system at the time of C-ITS market introduction, are trialled in the German test fields in Hessen (DRIVE-test field Hessen for connected automated traffic around Frankfurt) and Niedersachsen (Test field Lower Saxony).


C-ROADS is an important milestone for the near-termed realisation of connected, cooperative and automated driving.


C-ROADS Germany covers the following sub-activities:

  • Subactivity 1: C-ROADS Platform
  • Subactivity 2: Horizontal Activities
  • Subactivity 3: Hessian C-ITS Pilot Activities
  • Subactivity 4: Lower Saxony C-ITS Pilot Activities

Project duration: February 2016 - December 2020

Project capacity: €9,930,884


C-ROADS is co-funded by the European Union as Connected Europe Facility.


Project organisation