C-its pilot hessen/kassel

Within the scope of C-ROADS Germany – Urban Nodes different Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) services will be realised in Hessen and in the City of Kassel. The pilot project is coordinated jointly by Hessen Mobil and the City of Kassel.

Overview of the test track in Kassel

 Source of the map: © City of Kassel

The C-ITS pilot in Hessen is the next necessary and important step to an area-wide pilot deployment of urban and interurban C-ITS services on the Scandinavian-Mediterranean and the Rhine-Alpine Corridors.


The pilot project focuses not only on the expansion of Day 1 and the development of Day 1.5 services in the City of Kassel, but also on an interface between the city and the surrounding area in cooperation with the road operator Hessen Mobil.


Within the framework of the Hessen/Kassel pilot and the cooperation between the road operator Hessen Mobil and the city of Kassel, the C-ITS services RWW (urban), EVA (urban/interurban), GLOSA (urban), Connected and Cooperative navigation into and out of the city (urban/interurban, Traffic signal priority request (urban/interurban), Intersection saftey and Vulnerable Road user protection (urban/interurban) and Probe Vehicle Data (urban/interurban) are being developed within the C-ROADS Germany - Urban Nodes project.

Planned services

probe vehicle data

roadworks warning


green light optimal speed advisory

Traffic signal priority request

emergency vehicle approaching

Connected & Cooperative navigation

partners involved

  • Hessen Mobil - Straßen- und Verkehrsmanagement
  • Magistrat der Stadt Kassel
  • SWARCO Traffic Systems GmbH
  • GEVAS software GmbH


Name Date
Hessen Feasibility study on vulnerable road user protection Q4/2020
Hessen services GLOSA operational in the city of Kassel Q4/2021
Hessen services TSP operational Q4/2022
Hessen services PVD operational Q4/2022
Hessian services RWW operational Q4/2022
Hessen services VRU operational Q4/2022
Hessen connected and cooperative navigation service operational Q2/2023
Hessian final demonstration event of all services Q4/2023