Probe Vehicle Data

In the future the analysis and monitoring of the traffic events will occur by the status messages (CAM – Cooperative Awareness Message) of the vehicles via ETSI G5 communication channel.


The ITS Roadside Station (IRS) will receive the Cooperative Awareness Messages and forward them to the ITS Central Station (ICS) to enable a supplement and improvement of the traffic situation analysis, which is made with stationary detectors so far.


Especially there, where the position of the stationary registration are wide apart or rather do not exist, these messages can contribute.


Based on these information a harmonised traffic flow can be reached by a detailed and purposive traffic management to decrease the number of accident risks. Building on this, information of travel times and traffic situation can be generated and provided for the road user via different communication channels, for example radio or internet.



  • Reduction of numbers of accidents on motorways
  • Decreasing accident risks
  • Zero fatalities on motorways


  • Increase awareness of travellers for reliable traffic information in real time
  • Harmonised and anticipatory driving behaviour
  • Optimised strategic routing and thus an optimal usage of route capacities

Environmental issues

  • Reduction of pollutant emissions

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