Emergency Vehicle Approaching

The warning of stationary or approaching emergency vehicles is a safety relevant cooperative ITS service with the main objective to increase the attention of road users for a fast formation of the rescue lane and to inform about a stationary emergency vehicle which safeguards a danger zone or accident.


Emergency vehicles are faced with the following critical and dangerous situations while getting to the emergency scene time:


  • Drivers do not react immediately / do not make space.
  • In front of red traffic lights, many drivers wait for "green" instead of carefully crossing the stop line and making room for it.
  • Hectic – incorrect reactions endanger other traffic or the emergency operation.
  • The rescue lane is formed in the wrong place.
  • On motorways, the emergency lane is not formed as soon as there is a traffic jam, but only when the emergency vehicles arrive.

The new C-ITS service will improve the current situation through an emergency vehicle warning, which tells the road users that an emergency vehicle is approaching. Then the road users can form an emergency lane immediately.



  • Reduction of the number and severity of accidents on motorways during the formation of emergency lanes, especially during traffic jams


  • Minimal effects due to reduction of traffic capacity because of emergency vehicles
  • Acceleration and optimisation of the deployment of emergency responders through fast formation of emergency lanes
  • Provision of reliable, up-to-date traffic information for road users


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