Road Works Warning

Roadworks warning is a safety-related Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) service that mainly aims to reduce the number of accidents caused by roadworks. Based on efficiency and network operation,
roadworks warnings contribute to the elimination of non-recurrent traffic jams.


Accidents often occur in connection to roadworks because road users do not anticipate properly or react too late or do not pay full attention to the traffic while changed situations - e.g. due to closed lanes because of short-term roadworks or changed road layouts. Therefore, it is important that the driver receives a warning timely to adapt his driving behaviour.


Different communication technologies will be implemented for the execution of this service RWW: An ITS Roadside Station (IRS) sends information to the ITS Vehicle Station (IVS) via ETSI G5. Another communication channel is Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) to transmit the information to the navigation systems in the vehicles.



  • Reduction of the number and severity of accidents on motorways in connection to roadworks
  • Zero fatalities on motorways caused by roadworks


  • Minimal impact of road capacity reduction caused by roadworks
  • Prevention of accidental traffic jams and loss of time
  • Provision of reliable current traffic information for travellers

Environmental issues

  • Reduction of pollutant emissions


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