Traffic signal priority request

Traffic signal priority request (TSP) is a Day-1 service. The service aims to change the status of the traffic lights of an emergency vehicle or a high priority vehicle (e.g. a public transport vehicle) in such a way that they can move quickly through traffic in order to shorten response times and improve road safety.


Different levels of priority may be applied depending on vehicle characteristics, such as type (e.g. HGV or emergency vehicle) or status (e.g. public transport vehicle on-time or behind schedule). When the vehicles request priority for an intersection, the traffic light control is adjusted according to the priority level and situation. Active TSP techniques rely on detecting vehicles as they approach an intersection and adjust the signal timing dynamically to improve service for the vehicle. Unlike passive techniques, active TSP-services requires specialised hardware: the detection system typically involves a transmitter on the vehicle (OBU) and one or more infrastructure-sided receivers (R-ITS-S).


This service will be implemented in the pilot project Hessen/Kassel and Dresden.



  • Reduktion of the number and severity of sccidents on motorways
  • Impovement of safety of the employees in emergency vehicles


  • Efficiency improvement of emergency vehicles
  • Acceleration and optimisation of public transport

environmental issues

  • Reduction of pollutant emissions

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