In-vehicle  signage service (IVS)

In-Vehicle Information (IVI) is a message format
to deliver information about the infrastructure to
vehicles. It denotes a data structure, which is
used by different Intelligent Transport System
(ITS) services to convey information to vehicles
and their drivers.


In-Vehicle Signage (IVS) is one of these services:
IVS provides information about existing, fixed and
dynamic traffic signs to passing vehicles by means
of IVI messages. This information can be processed by driver assistance systems in the vehicles and relevant data can be presented to the driver. The driver can thus be informed about current traffic regulations and advices at all times and not only during brief moments when passing by fixed traffic sign or gantries.


With the help of the IVS service, it is expected to improve the driver’s awareness and reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents.



  • Improve the driver’s awareness
  • Provision of reliable and up-to-date traffic information to drivers
  • Reduction of the number and severity of accidents on motorways


  • Increased anticipatory driving possible due to information at an early stage

Environmental issues

  • Reduced environmental impact due to increased anticipatory driving

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