Vulnerable road user protection

VRU is a Day-1.5 application. Vulnerable Road Users are defined in the ITS directive as "non-motorised road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists as well as motor-cyclists and persons with disabilities or reduced mobility and orientation". A warning system for vulnerable road user aims at the detection of risky situations, allowing the possibility to warn vehicle drivers.


The scope of the pilot service will be on cyclists as VRUs. The pilot service is particularly valuable when the driver is distracted, or visibility is poor. The protection of cyclists are particularly at risk at intersections. For example, they are often ignored when vehicles turn off. ITS-based road safety services – such as the VRU service - have proven their effectiveness, but the overall benefit for society depends on their wider deployment.


This service is being tested in the Hessen/Kassel and Dresden pilot projects and is intended to demonstrate the advantages of connected bicycles for cyclists as well as drivers.



  • Improving the safety of non-motorised road users
  • Reduction of serious accidents caused by collisions with non-motorised road users


  • Early warning of non-motorised road users

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